Thief: Dark Project and Thief: Gold Fan Missions
These fan missions require an original copy of Thief:Dark Project or Thief Gold and a copy of either Garrettloader  or  Darkloader version 4.3  to play. Last updated 02/14/09
Many thanks to Potterr for his work on Garrettloader and to Tom N Harris for his continued maintenance of Darkloader.
Running a Thief Gold mission on Thief:Dark Project requires a patch. Get it  here

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Game Base Mission NameZip FileReadmeAuthor
Thief Gold A Secret Affair secretaffair.txt Aisha
Thief Gold Dread Dread.txt amievil?
Thief Gold Hell's Motel Part 1 Hellsmotel1.txt amievil?
Thief Gold Hell's Motel Part 2 Hellsmotel2.txt amievil?
Thief Gold Lord Alan's Basement Basement.txt Andrea Aleotti
Thief Gold Mr Chuz MrChuz.txt Azrarhn
Thief Gold Meeting With Cutty MeetingWithCutty, MeetingCutty.txt Azrarhn
Thief Gold Dockland V 1.1 docklandv11.txt Belboz
Thief Gold Keeper of the Bell Keeperofthebell.txt darthsLair
Thief Gold Return to Bafford Manor returntobaffordmanor.txt darthsLair
Thief Gold The Phoenix Hath Risen (with Italian) phoenixhathrisen_italian.txt darthsLair
Thief Gold To Whom The Bell Tolls towhombells.txt darthsLair
Thief Gold Castle of the Dead CastleoftheDeadRevised.txt darthsLair
Thief Gold In the Loom of Doom intheloomofdoom.txt darthsLair
Thief Gold Business at Midnight businessmidnight.txt David Moore
Thief Gold Seeds of Doubt seedsdoubt.txt The Deceiver
Thief Gold Gerome of the Woodlands gerome.txt Despot
Thief Gold Admiral’s Compass AdmiralsCompass.txt Dront
Thief Gold Captured by Beasts Capturedbybeasts.txt Dront
Thief Gold Returning the Lockpicks ReturningtheLockPicks.txt Dront
Thief Gold The Kill for Life (Tribunal) 2006-2007 KillforLife.txt Dront
Thief Gold Plot Plot_v.1.1.txt Dront
Thief Gold Hard Luck hardluck.txt Feanor
Thief Gold Woodkey Resthouse Woodkey.txt GOB
Thief 1 Return of Ramirez ReturnofRamirez.txt Griffin Bain
Thief Gold K (Japanese) K.txt JIS
Thief Gold Elevator Mission elevator.txt JIS
Thief Gold UndeadLand (vA, Japanese) undeadland.txt JIS
Thief Gold Amida (Japanese) Amida_JP.txt JIS
Thief Gold Hell Chapter2 'The LostAge' (beta, Japanese) HellChap2TheLostAge.txt JIS
Thief Gold Yakuza (Japanese) Yakuza.txt JIS
Thief Gold Killing of Timer, The (v1.1, Japanese) KillingofTimer, killingtimer.txt JIS
Thief Gold Mine Shock MineShock.txt JIS
Thief Gold F (Japanese) f.txt JIS
Thief Gold UFO (Japanese) UFO.txt JIS
Thief Gold Hammer and Garrett Hammer& HammerGarrettFinal.txt JIS
Thief Gold Ochiru (Japanese) Ochiru.txt MaitchinguMachikoSensei
Thief 1/ patched to TG Prowler in the Dark ProwlerV12.txt Melan
Thief Gold Murder in Featherstone MurderFeatherstone.txt Sluggs
Thief Gold Shadow of Doubt (entire campaign) shadowdoubt.txt Sperry
Thief Gold Shadow of Doubt #1: Walking the Edge SoD1.txt Sperry
Thief Gold Shadow of Doubt #2: Tears of Blood SoD2.txt Sperry
Thief Gold Shadow of Doubt #3: All Astir SoD3.txt Sperry
Thief Gold Shadow of Doubt #4: Broadsword of Sheol SoD4.txt Sperry
Thief Gold Shadow of Doubt #5: Nightcrawler SoD5.txt Sperry
Thief Gold Hellerhouse Hellerhouse.txt Stringgod
Thief Gold Deadly Darkness Deadly Darkness.txt Tomi Väisänen
Thief Gold Castle Morgoth CastleMorgoth.txt Vlad Midnight
Thief Gold Creature Clash Gold CreatureClashGold.txt Weyoun
Thief Gold Five Minute Thieves Guild fiveminute.txt William the Taffer
Thief Gold Heart and Soul (v1.9t) heartandsoul.txt xarax
Thief Gold Restored Cathedral, The (v1.1) RestoredCathedral, RestoredCathedral.txt Zaccheus
Thief Gold Golden Book of Keepers GoldenBook.txt Zontik (updated 5/30/07)
Thief Gold The Last Page LastPage, LastPage.txt Zontik

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