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  These are not all of the Thief 2 missions. Expect intermittent updates.  
  Alphabetized by author's name. Mission sets by more than one author are listed under "Group"  
The Cloister of St. Lazarius CloisterofStLazarius,The.zip Alexius
Betrayal: Voices Betrayal-VoicesV2.zip amievil?
Lord Alan   Andrea Aleotti
Lord Alan's Basement LordAlansBasement.zip Andrea Aleotti
Lord Alan's Fortress LordAlansFortress.zip Andrea Aleotti
Lord Alan's Factory Placeholder for Lord Alan's Factory. Zip missing Andrea Aleotti
Gauntlet 2-DromEd's Revenge Gauntlet2DromedsRevenge.zip Apache
Garrett to the Rescue GarretttotheRescue.zip Apache & KidGarret
Garrett to the Rescue 2 GarretttotheRescue2.zip Apache
Heist Society HeistSociety_v10.zip Asylum
Hidden Agenda hiddenagenda.zip Asylum
Easy Money - Release Version 1.0 EasyMoney.zip Azrarhn
Lady Lisa's Harbor LadyLisasHarborV2.zip BBB
Lord Matt LordMatt.zip BBB
Mighty Joe Young MightyJoeYoung.zip BBB
Just Friends Part 1 JustFriendsP1.zip bassmanret
Breakout Breakout.zip Belboz
Raid on Washout Central RaidonWashoutCentral.zip Belboz
Trickster's Gem Mine   Belboz
TTGM:Training ttgm-training19.zip Belboz
TTGM 1: Errand Boy errand.zip Belboz
TTGM 2:Shore Leave & TTGM 3:Up Sh*t Creek ttgm23_shoreleaveupshcreek.zip Belboz
TTGM 4:Making Tracks ttgm4_makingtracks.zip Belboz
TTGM 5: Tricksters Rift TTGM 6:Gem Mine & TTGM: 6 Elsewhere ttgm-trickmine.zip Belboz
TTGM 7 & 8:Chasm of the Lost Part 1 & Part 2 ttgm-chasm.zip Belboz
Waterlogged Waterlogged.zip Belboz
The Hashishans V2 Hashishans,The.zip Ben Hur (aka And)
The Sisterhood of Azura Pt1 - Estheridge sofa1a.zip Ben Hur (aka And)
Sisterhood of Azura Part 2 - The House SisterhoodofAzura,The2-TheHouse.zip Ben Hur (aka And)
Paladine Manor PaladineManor.zip BlackRuin
By Order of an Unknown ByOrderofanUnknownV1.6.zip BlackThief
Museum Heist MuseumHeist.zip Buglesoft
Borringtons Castle, v4 BorringtonsCastle_v4.zip Bronze Griffin
Lord Maguire Estates pt. 1 LordMaguireEstates.zip Caradavin
Broken Heart BrokenHeart_v2.zip cardia1
Citadel of Douro CitadelofDouro_v2.zip cardia1
Pereiras Mansion v2 PereirasMansion_v2.zip cardia1
Vadrigar's Prison VadrigarsPrison_v2.zip cardia1
The Abominable Dr.Dragon AbominableDrDragon,The.zip Chiefdreams
Bath House Bathhouse.zip cdfbr
Curse of the Falcon Two mission pack. This is a follow on to the Night Falcon series.Snow Flurry and Mereska - City of Flames Christine
Curse of the Falcon CurseoftheFalconv2.zip Christine
Lady Lotti Series This mission will only play from Darkloader. Christine
Coterie of Smokers LLS1CoterieofSmokers.zip Christine
Abysses LLS2Abysses-Abgrundv2.zip Christine
Bloody Ruins LLS3BloodyRuins-Ruinen.zip Christine
Lord Ashton Series all 8 missions as a pack Christine
Lord Ashton LASLordAshtonSeries.zip Christine
Night Falcon 7 Missions English or German Christine
Night Falcon - English Version NightFalconV2_ENG.zip Christine
Night Falcon - German Version NightFalconV2_GER.zip Christine
The Mystic Lady MysticLady,The.zip Christine
Freedo Finds One FreedoFindsOne.zip CloakedInDarkness
COSAS 1 Gathering at the Inn COSAS1-GatheringattheInn.zip COSAS, Team Cosas
The Ghost House / The Haunted Hospital GhostHouse-HauntedHospital,The.zip Dark Arrow
The Trickster's Castle v1.07 TrickstersCastle,The107.zip Dark Ghost Lord
The Clean Out CleanOut,The_1.0a.zip Dark Gentleman
The Gallery Gallery,The.zip David L
Garrett's Nightmare GarrettsNightmare.zip Deadwrite
Curiosity Curiosity.zip Demonreaver
Freedom for Nepumuk FreedomforNepumuk.zip Dennis
Collector's Greed CollectorsGreed.zip DewFreak
Fortune & Glory FortuneandGlory.zip DonkeyKong
DirtyBusiness DirtyBusiness.zip Dr Sneak
No more clients for Monty c4nomoreclientsformonty_v_053.zip Duodecimal
Damsel in Distress V.2 DamselinDistress_V2_3.zip Dyald
Best Defense BestDefense.zip eepcat
Ironman (sequel to Best Defense) IronMan.zip eepcat
The Hole Hole,The.zip eepcat
Ominous Bequest - Release Version 3.0 OminousBequestV3.zip Eshaktaar
Something up there.. SomethingUpThere.zip Erik W
The Night Watch - 4 mission Gold Magick Story NightWatch,The.zip Fidcal
Stowaway Stowaway.zip Finial
The Cell Next Door CellNextDoor,The.zip Frank M
The Prison of Garrett v2 PrisonofGarrett,The_v2.zip Flecha das Sombras
A Water Arrow in the Fire WaterArrowintheFire,A.zip Flecha das Sombras
Keeper of the Prophecies The Enterprise; Hallucinations; the Insurrection; Oracle of the Prophets; The Other Side of Time; Reversing the Order;Moving Day; the Inheritance; Under the Raven Moon Frobber
Keeper of the Prophecies KotP1-9_v1a.zip Frobber
L Arsene   Gaëtane
L Arsene LArsene.zip Gaëtane
Emilie Victor EmilieVictor.zip Gaëtane
Korrigans Goblins_Korrigans.zip Gaëtane
The Den Den,The.zip Gaëtane
Happy New Year Mr.Lambert HappyNewYearMrLambert.zip Gaëtane
The Docks, aka All Aboard ! Docks,The.zip Gonchong
Willow Island WillowIsland_ENG.zip Gonchong
The Mystic Estate (to rob from...) MysticEstate_torobfrom,The.zip GORT
Chon Migoroshi ver.2 ChonMigoroshi_JP.zip GORUGO 13
Nightmares-Cauchemars Multiple authors. Amelico, Lynx, Louve, Makoho, and Gaëtane Group
Nightmares-Cauchemars (English and French) Nightmares-Cauchemars.zip Amelico,Lynx,Louve,Makoho,Gaëtane
The Cistern Cistern,The.zip Gumdrop
The Night I ghosted Berkshead NightIGhostedBerkshead,The.zip Gumdrop
Torner Island TornerIsland.zip Haman
Darkness Falls - Royal Garmyth DF1RoyalGarmythv1_1.zip Hidden In Shadow
Darkness Falls - A Dire Venture DF2DireVenturev1_0.zip Hidden In Shadow
Alliance Alliance.zip Hipbreaker
Insurrection Insurrection.zip Hipbreaker
Retaliation Retaliation.zip Hipbreaker
SilentNightmares SilentNightmares.zip Hipbreaker
Out for a Revenge, version 1.01 OutforaRevenge1.1.zip Istvan Varga
Retrieval of the Soul RetrievaloftheSoul.zip Istvan Varga
Graduation Day GraduationDay.zip Jabberwocky
Properly Paranoid c5ProperlyParanoid.zip Jabberwocky
World's Collide WorldsCollide_ep1.zip Jabberwocky
Sammy Pay's His Dues SammyPaysHisDues.zip Jbyrd23
Gerrard's Temple GerrardsTemple.zip Jericho B
D D.zip JIS
ElevatorMission T2(EMT2) Elevator_T2.zip JIS
MainShock T2 Mainhockt2_JP.zip JIS
Makiko Makiko_JP.zip JIS
A Love Story   john9818a
Love Story 1 LoveStory1v1_1.zip john9818a
Love Story 2 LoveStory2v1_3.zip john9818a
Love Story 3 LoveStory3v1_0.zip john9818a
Love Story 4 LoveStory4v1_0.zip john9818a
Rust Belt Prison RustBelt1_2.zip john9818a
A Living Nightmare v1.2 LivingNightmarev1_2.zip John Denison
A Servant's Life (V 1.1) ServantsLifeV1_1.zip John Denison
Bafford's Last Stand BaffordsLastStand.zip John Denison
Jenivere De Ja Vu JenivereDeJaVu.zip John Denison
Lord James' Retreat v1.1 LordJamesRetreat.zip John Denison
Undead Reckoning 1.0 UndeadReckoning.zip John Denison
Stronghold Stronghold.zip JohnEric
Rebel Rebel.zip John-The-Begger
The Crazy Maniac Mr. Timms and The Wooden Shack Timms.zip John-The-Begger
A Small BlackOut SmallBlackOut,A_v11.zip Joseph F
His Own Medicine HisOwnMedicine.zip Kanditter
Von Ratten, Spinnen und einer Flucht (German only) Von_Ratten__Spinnen_und_einer_Flucht.zip Kamon
Podroz do Krainy Biedakow podroz.zip Kapitan Smith
Keyplayer's Library Series are listed under Wizard, his original thief-name  
Garrett and the Beanstalk GarrettandtheBeanstalk.zip Kfort
Wicked Relics WickedRelicsV1.1.zip Kfort
Wicked Relics - No Movies WickedRelicsV1.1_NoMovie.zip Kfort
The Great Tree GreatTree,The.zip KOMAG
The Spider Caves SpiderCaves,The.zip KOMAG
Amoral Dilemma AmoralDilemma.zip Krush
A Night in Rocksburg- New Beginning ANIR1NewBeginning-NoveauDepart.zip Kubiak
A Night in Rocksburg - Discovery ANIR2Discovery-Decouverte.zip Kubiak
Kubiak has released the next mission A night in Rockbourg/Une nuit Rocksbourg Encre et pouss re /Ink and Dust in English and French, with and without movies and files of just the movies
Encre et pouss re /Ink and Dust-Mission and intro movies (will work with Thief) French-ANIR3_Encre_MoviesFR.zip Kubiak
Encre et pouss re /Ink and Dust-Mission and intro movies (will work with Thief) English-ANIR3_Encre_MoviesUS.zip Kubiak
Encre et pouss re /Ink and Dust- Mission only, no movies French-ANIR3_EncreFR.zip Kubiak
Encre et pouss re /Ink and Dust- Mission only, no movies English-ANIR3_EncreUS.zip Kubiak
Encre et pouss re /Ink and Dust- Indeo Movies only (standard quality, will work with Thief) French- ANIR3_b22indeofr.zip Kubiak
Encre et pouss re /Ink and Dust- Indeo Movies only (standard quality, will work with Thief) English- ANIR3_b22indeous.zip Kubiak
Encre et pouss re /Ink and Dust- DivX Movies only (high quality, but may not work with Thief) French - ANIR3_b22fr.zip Kubiak
Encre et pouss re /Ink and Dust- DivX Movies only (high quality, but may not work with Thief) ANIR3_b22us.zip Kubiak
Embrace the Enemy EmbracingtheEnemy_ENG.zip Kung Fu Gecko
Embrasse ton ennemi EmbrassetonEnnemi_FR.zip Kung Fu Gecko
Rowena's Curse RowenasCurse_v3.zip Lady Rowena
The Seven Sisters The7SistersV2.zip Lady Rowena
Firefly ver.1a Fireflyv1a.zip Lobster and Moghedian
Chasing sergeant Chase ChasingSergeantChase.zip Long Finger
A Night Visit to the Natural History Museum NightVisittotheNaturalHistoryMuseum,A.zip Louve
Having a Ball HavingaBall.zip Madwolf and Callum
Moth to a Flame MothtoaFlame.zip Madwolf
Skeletons in the Closet SkeletonsintheCloset.zip Madwolf
Turn of the Tide TurnoftheTide.zip Madwolf
Father's Pride FathersPride.zip MaJiC
Lady Mossy (Vertical Contest) lady_mossy.zip Marzec
Lord Burkhard -- German only LordBurkhard_GER.zip Master(Gilbert Gradl)
Shadows of Eidolon SoEV1.zip MasterThief3
Obligatory Prison Mission ObligatoryPrisonMission.zip Maver1ck
Durant Durant.zip Mazur
Bad Debts Bad_Debts.zip Melan
Bad Debts - Winter Version Bad_Debts_Winter.zip Melan
Disorientation - sequel to Bad Debts Disorientation.zip Melan
The Cathedral Cathedral.zip Meshpit
Bloodsport Bloodsport.zip Metalhead
Dyers' Eve DyersEve.zip Metalhead
Mysterious Invitation (MH's 2007 Rework) invitationv2.0.zip MH.TheFreak
Gervasius' Archery Tournament (GAT) GervasiusArcheryTournament.zip Mike Hopper
Bad Intentions (TAC) Bad_Intentions.zip Mirko
Ride the Butterfly (Beauty Contest) RidetheButterfly.zip Moghedian
Circle of Strain CircleofStrain_T2.zip Mokkis
We miss you, Bob! WeMissYouBob.zip Monastiri
All for a Night's Sleep v1.1 nightssleep11.zip Morrgan
The Greyfeather Gems - Part 1: The Shipment GreyfeatherGems,The1-TheShipment.zip Morrgan
The Greyfeather Gems - Part 2: Rodamill TGGpart2.zip Morrgan
Lord Lomat's Flute LordLomatsFlute.zip Murray Lorden
FrobableCause v1.2 FrobableCause_v12.zip Mxleader
United Bank of Auldale v1 UBA.zip Mxleader
Hazelshade Cemetery (Beauty Contest) HazelshadeCemetery.zip Nameless Voice
Christmas Present ver 1.1 (English and Italian) Christmas_present_Italianv1.1.zip Naks and P Forth
Christmas Present ver 1.1 (English only) Christmas presentv1.1.zip Naks and P Forth
Snobs 1 and 2   Naks
Snobs1 snobs_part1.zip Naks
Snobs2 snobs_part2.zip Naks
UnMasked UnMasked.zip Nielsen74
Zombie Killer V.1 (German) ZombieKillerV1.0German.zip Neo
Memoirs of a Dead God (2 missions) MemoirsOfADeadGod.zip nicked
Whispers in the Desert v1 WhispersInTheDesert_v1.zip Nicked
The librarian The Librarian 1.0.zip Nightshifter
McLeod's Revenge McLeod'sRevenge.zip Oldweird
A Debt Repaid 4.0 DebtRepaid,A_v4.0.zip Otto55
Fortress By The Sea FortressbytheSea,The.zip Otto55
The Way of the Sword v1_2 WayoftheSwordv1_2.zip Otto55
The Karrassinian Threat KarrassinianThreat,The.zip p bucko
Close Encounters v.2 CloseEncountersv2.zip P Forth
Cragscright Prison (Polish) CragscrightPrison.zip Paweuek
What a drag! galereV1.zip Philou
Night at the Theatre NightattheTheatre.zip Pinky and The Brain
Ack! There's a zombie in the basement Ack!TheresaZombieintheBasement_v11.zip Polygon
Sinful Opportunities SinfulOppotunities_v10.zip Polygon
Calendra's Legacy CalendrasLegacy.zip Team Calendra (Purah, Totality, Thumper, Loanstar, Deep Qantas)
The Shadow of Lord Rothchest ShadowofLordRothchest,The_T2C.zip Purah (Converted to T2 by John D. Head
All Torc 5 missions Shalebridge, Welcome to Robington, Are We There Yet ?, Fort Montoya, Supply and Demand R Soul
All Torc AllTorc.zip R Soul
Masque of the Red Death MasqueoftheRedDeath,The.zip Raetsel
The Curse (La Mal´┐Żdiction) Curse,The.zip Ramirez's Old Fat Burrick
So Long Hammers (Au Revoir Marteleurs) SoLongHammers.zip Ramirez's Old Fat Burrick
Vagabond Vagabond.zip Random_Taffer
Coalport; Portisco Head   Ravenhook
Coalport Coalportv2.zip Ravenhook
Portisco Head PortiscoHeadV1.zip Ravenhook
The Gambling Man GamblingMan,The_ENG.zip Rayner the Bug_Cloud
DooM DooM.zip Ricebug
Reflections v2 Reflections_V2.zip Ricebug
Strife Strife.zip Ricebug
Strife 2 strife2.zip Ricebug
Strife 3 ver 1.4 StrifeIII_v1_4.zip Ricebug
Art of Thievery ArtofThievery,The.zip Richard Cull
A Smugglers Request SmugglersRequest,A.zip Richard Cull
Rescue! Rescue.zip RicknMel
Squeekys Secret SqueekysSecret.zip RicknMel
Oh L amour Oh_lamour.zip Rufus
Yume No Rozen (TAC) YumeNoRozen.zip Sxerks
T2 Demo - HookShot HookShot.zip Thief0
A mission series by   Turi Robert
Haddur Haddur.zip Turi Robert
The Dream of Tyrus TheDreamOfTyrus.zip Turi Robert
Retribution Retribution.zip Turi Robert
The Guardmen of Haddur TheGuardmenOfHaddur.zip Turi Robert
Ura Ura.zip Turi Robert
La maladie de Dame Whitman LaMaladiedeDameWhitman,La_FR.zip Robin G
Lady Whitman's Disease v 2.0 lwd_t2.zip Robin G
Saturio Returns Home (Same as Saturio Rentre au Pays) SaturioReturnsHome_ENG.zip Robin G
Saturio Rentre au Pays (Same as Saturio Returns Home) SaturioRentreauPays_FR.zip Robin G
Friend Basso FriendBasso_v2.zip Rosa
Homo Arbor Homoarbor.zip Rosa
Konkurrenten (same as Ruined) Konkurrenten1-4.zip Rostvogel
Ruined (same as Konkurrenten) ruined1-2.zip Rostvogel
The 7th Crystal version 2 SeventhCrystal,The.zip Saturnine
Rose Cottage ROSECOTTAGE-31-10-09.zip Saturnine
Rose Cottage- No Movie ROSECOTTAGE-NoMovie-31-10-09.zip Saturnine
Rose Cottage- XVID ROSE_COTTAGE_INTRO_XVID.rar Saturnine
Book of Prophecy Pt 1 (English and German) Proph1.zip Schattengilde
Book of Prophecy The Hidden City Pt 2 ver 2 (English, German, Italian) Proph2v2.zip Schattengilde
( The Search for) Crom's Blade CromsBlade.zip Schwaa
Electric Light *Demo not a mission* S_ElecLight.zip Schwaa
JailBreak Version 3.0 JailBreak.zip Schwaa
Relic - Left for Dead Relic-LeftforDead.zip Schwaa
Through the Lookin' Glass TTLG_vers_1.0.zip Schwaa
Dracula Chapter I - The Love Thief v.2.3 Chapter II - The Return v.2.2 Chapter III - Traitors Of Poienari (The Beginning) v.2.1 Chapter IV - The Darkthrone v.2.1 Chapter V - The Final Chapter v.1.3 Bonus - Home Sweet Home v.1.2 Sensut
Dracula -Reloaded PATCH ver 1.2 dracula_reload_12patch.zip Sensut
Sensut's Dracula (Reloaded) ver 1.2 with briefing dracula_reloaded_v1.2.zip Sensut
DRAKULA Újratöltve 1.2 magyar verzió drakula_ujratoltve_v1.2hun.zip Sensut
Sensut's Dracula (Reloaded)ver 1.0 WITHOUT briefing dracula_reloaded_nobrfv1.0.zip Sensut
Elizabeth Bathory pt 1 ver 2 ElizabethBathoryPt1v2final.zip Sensut
Elizabeth Bathory pt 2 ver 1.1 bathory_part2_v1.1.zip Sensut
Elizabeth Bathory 3: On All Souls Day-with briefing" bathory_part3_briefv1.0.zip Sensut
Elizabeth Bathory 3 ver 1.2 : On All Souls Day-without briefing bathory_part3_v1.2.zip Sensut
Lord Fishkill's Curse LordFishkillsCurse.zip Shadowspawn
Swamped Swamped.zip Sharga
Bruder Snuck - German BruderSnuck_GER.zip Silencium
Carneval-Demo Carneval.zip Silencium
City Conflict part 1 CityConflict_1.zip Silencium18
City Conflict part 2 City_Conflict_2.zip Silencium18
City Conflict part 3 CityConflict3.zip Silencium18
The Horn Horn,The.zip Silencium18
The Mask part 1 TheMask1.zip Silencium18
Equilibrium- English Equilibrium_ENG.zip SilentSleep
Equilibrium - French Equilibrium_FR.zip SilentSleep
Chronicle of the Metal Age : Chapter I v1.1 COTMA1,2-ANightinSiegesburg,CleftsontheHammer_v11.zip Sir Balu and Jano
The Inverted Manse InvertedManse,The.zip Sledge
Bestest FMs   Sluggs
Bestest FM BestestFM.zip Sluggs
BestestFM2 Fairground Attraction BestestFM2FairgroundAttraction.zip Sluggs
BestestFM3 In a Link of an Eye BestestFM3InaLinkofanEye.zip Sluggs
Bestest FM 4 - Wishy Washy BestestFM4.zip Sluggs !
Murder in Featherstone Murder_In_Featherstone_v1.1.zip Sluggs
A Friend in Need and Unnecessary Risk   Slyfoxx
A Friend In Need FriendinNeedv1.zip Slyfoxx
Unnecessary Risk UnnecessaryRiskV1.zip Slyfoxx
UT Arena versions 1 and 2   Slyfoxx
UT Arena, released 03/01/2006 Sly_Arena.zip Slyfoxx
UT Arena 2, released 02/08/2008 Sly_UT2.zip Slyfoxx
The Lost Crusade LostCrusade.zip Spoonman
Broken Hammers ; Heretics and Pagans   Spoonman
Broken Hammers BrokenHammersv2.zip Spoonman
Heretics and Pagans heretic.zip Spoonman
The Flying Age v 1.18 FlyingAgev1_18.zip Sterlino
Horns of Canzo 1st Mission A long way up HornsOfCanzo_part1_ALongWayUp_deluxe.zip Sterlino
Yume No Rozen YumeNoRozen.zip Sxerks
Some Shopping SomeShopping.zip T. Nagy Levente
T2X version 1.1 t2x_v11_full.exe T2X, Team T2X
T2X Development Team's commentary on T2X comment.zip T2X, Team T2X
T2X - The making of T2X makingof.zip T2X, Team T2X
T2X - Scripts T2X_Scripts.zip T2X, Team T2X
Gathering at the Inn and Mission X   Team COSAS
COSAS 1 Gathering at the Inn COSAS1-GatheringattheInn.zip COSAS, Team Cosas
(COSAS 2) Mission X   Team Cosas
Mission X Mission X has several versions. This is the readme for all Team Cosas